MORE! 2018 Chicago HUB Conference

Patricia King | Rolland Baker | Mahesh Chavda | Clarice Fluitt | Joshua Mills | Eva Dooley

What Is Chicago HUB?

HUB is an acronym for His United Body. We are a network of believers from various Christian faiths with one common denominator: the cross of Christ. We lay down our differences and come together to help facilitate revival in the land. We preach the gospel of grace. We love anointed teaching from the Bible. We can’t seem to get enough worship. We minister love and power because miracles seem to happen when we do. We respect the prophetic. We give room for intercession. We send out missionaries. But above all, we love the Presence of our Lord Jesus.

Our Mission:

To renew, refresh and equip the Body of Believers so that renewal and revival may flow together, as we walk together in the unity of the Spirit and in the bond of peace.


Boldly preaching the Gospel of grace for the last 38 years, Hank and Nancy Magiera are affecting Chicago soul by soul. Having led thousands to the Lord through one-to-one encounters, they now are seeing the fruit of their labors. Many of Hank and Nancy Magiera’s young (at the time) converts are today serving as pastors, missionaries and Bible teachers. Now at the helm of Chicago HUB for over 2 decades, they tenderly and skillfully host the Holy Spirit on Sunday nights and at HUB conferences.

Some Past Speakers at HUB

John Kilpatrick

Francis Frangipane

Sandra & Steve Long

Daniel Kolenda

Winnie & Georgian Banov

Barbara Yoder

Paul Keith Davis